HI…My name is Mrs. Amy Kardos and I am the First Grade Teacher at
Immaculate Conception.  I have been teaching first grade for 27 years and
I still love it!…I am married and live in Dover, with my husband, John
and our dog-ter, Mizuno.  We learn so many great things in first grade,
but I especially love seeing my kids become fluent readers!  The standards
for the State of Ohio cover many topics…here are some of the things we
will be doing  in first grade.

Reading for details in the text, Identifying characters, setting and events in a story,
Recalling details, 
Recognizing features of sentences, Knowing initial, medial, and final
sounds, blending sounds, understanding syllables, using phonics to decode
words, writing sentences, using nouns, verbs and adjectives, practicing
fluency in reading to support comprehension, identifying and using
spelling patterns and phonics in spelling.  Our math standards include,
counting, writing, and ordering of numbers 1-120, using base ten to add
and subtract, understanding multiples of 10 with models, and using place
value in addition and subtraction, properties of operations,understanding
equations, measuring, telling time, and comparing, taking apart, and
putting together objects to represent equations. We also learn and
investigate ideas in Science, Social Studies, Health and Religion.  

Please contact the school office with any questions! Thanks!!



1st Grade Supply List:

4-5 Sharpened Pencils with Erasers
Crayons (no bigger than a 64 pack)
Markers (broad tip, washable if possible. classic colors – red, blue, yellow, etc)
Two Single Subject Wire Bound Notebooks
One, Two Pocket Folder
Two White School Glue (no blue please)
Glue Sticks
Pencil Sharpener (with a lid)
Large Art Box With Lid That Will Hold All Supplies
Two Boxes of Kleenex’s
Pillow (any kind, for our reading area, please put name on pillow)
Cool Whip Sized Container with Lid for Flash Cards
Boys – One package of of ziplock baggies and one package baby wipes)
Girls – One pack of white paper plates and one package brown lunch bags

Please make sure your name or initials are on all of your supplies!! THANKS!