I can’t believe another year has come to a close. Each year, the time
I spend with my Kindergarten class goes by faster and faster.  We
accomplish so much together, and we learn some valuable lessons from
one another.  I am always sad when I see my children go to first grade
because we have made such a great connection with each other, but I am
also happy and excited in the knowledge that I will be receiving a
brand new group of children that I can shape and mold into a
successful group of Kindergarteners.  As their teacher, I want to make
sure I am doing everything possible to foster a love for learning and
make their time with me as enjoyable as can be.

    I want to thank the parents of my past and future classes for choosing
Immaculate Conception School.  I gives me joy to know that I am
helping your child grow and learn in a loving and caring environment.
This school is a great start to your child’s education and to their
development as an individual as well.

    Have a safe and enjoyable summer.  See you in the fall.



Kindergarten Supply List:

Pencil Box
Sleep Mat or Blanket and Pillow
Paint Shirt
One Folder
Two Boxes of Tissues
Crayons (pack of 8 or 10 count – FAT)
White School Glue (no gel glue)
Eight Glue Sticks
Watercolor Paints
Scissors – Blunt End
One Package of Paper Plates
Two Containers of Baby Wipes
One Package of napkins
One Package of Small Plastic Cups
One Box of Ziploc Sandwich Bags
One Bag of Cotton Balls

The school will supply pencils and erasers initially. Please place your child’s name on all of their supplies.

Kindergarten Teacher