Religion Curriculum

Religion is the core of our curriculum. Religious instruction, Eucharistic Liturgy, sacramental preparation, and service are interwoven into the everyday life of the school and general curriculum. Immaculate Conception School follows the Religion Course of Study adopted by the Diocese of Columbus.   The course of study is based on the Six Tasks of Catechesis:

  1. Knowledge of the faith
  2. Knowledge of the liturgical life and the sacraments
  3. Knowledge of moral formation
  4. Knowledge of Prayer
  5. Knowledge of Community Life
  6. Knowledge of the Missionary Spirit


The curriculum is developed in cooperation with the Diocese of Columbus Office of Schools. Courses of Study are adopted and approved for the Ohio Department of Education and serve as the basis of instruction. The subject areas covered at Immaculate Conception include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies/history, health, physical education, music, art, and computers.

We believe all students can learn and it is our goal to help each student master the knowledge and skills for each standard within the subject areas. All students have God given talents…it is our job to discover, nurture, and develop those gifts.

Student Progress

Grading serves three primary purposes:

  1. Document and track student progress.
  2. Provide feedback to the student, family, and teacher.
  3. Inform and guide future instruction.

Grading is an evaluation of what a student knows and is able to do based on the Diocesan Course of Study. Grading should be accurate and fair. A grade represents a clear and accurate picture of what a student knows and is able to do. Marks on the report card reflect the student’s level of mastery in academic content areas at the time the report card is issued. Grading must include enough information so teachers and parents can provide the appropriate amount of support for the student. Grading should include evidence and information that the student can use for self-evaluation and improvement.

Student performance in areas such as class participation, attitude, homework, and behavior are reported on a separate Life Skills Achievement Report that accompanies the report card.